Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cottage Kitsch

Two of the finished products.
I've decided to spend the last few nights in to take a much-needed break, delve into the utter calm of playing the recluse, and get a few projects done that I had been putting off. I have a queer obsession with anything kitschy and cottage-esque, and being a city girl, the closest I've come thus far is with home decor. I found an adorable white side-table next to a dumpster a few days ago, and replaced the knobs. The paint is a little chipped, but it's wear almost looks intentional, and seems to add more to its quaintness rather than detract from it. I'll have a photograph soon.
A little piece of literary history.
I've also taken on the daunting task of wrapping all of my unsightly clothes-hangers in scraps of material left over from previous projects, and they look adorable if I do say so myself. Though time-consuming, it's an incredibly inexpensive way to brighten up one's closet, and it also makes choosing outfits a bit more fun! I'm taking my cloth-wrapping obsession one step further by covering some of the various vintage novels I've picked up at thrift stores. The one pictured here is a 1946 copy from Everyman's Library, founded in 1906, and contains miscellaneous essays by author William Hazlitt. It's not in any condition for collectors (which is probably why it was only a dollar), so I had no qualms about revamping it. Had I thought more in-depth about this project, I would have sewn the title into the cloth before applying it to the cover, but luckily I have quite a few novels set aside for the same "fate", so I'll have the opportunity to practice more ornate stitching when I get around to it!

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