Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is upon us.

Tamagoyaki, seitan, and sticky rice.
Good afternoon, dear bloggers! I hope that all is well with you and yours. I'm happy to report that the spring semester is finally coming to a close, and we northerners have even gotten the opportunity to see the sun once or twice. It's been a long winter, and I'm glad to see that it's almost over. With that said, this has to have been one of the better winters I've endured. I spent most of it with some great friends, and of course, my Cody-chan.
  In other news, I have been tirelessly studying my Japanese, and have introduced cooking into my regimen as well. I've been trying my hand at various Japanese dishes, subsituting the meat for seitan. Lucky for me, there are also quite a few delicious tofu dishes and treats to choose from, and plenty of asian markets in the area to supply me with whatever I need. Speaking of asian markets, here's a tip: if you enjoy asian cooking, do not attempt to purchase any of the ingredients at a co-op if you can help it. I picked up a large bottle of mirin at a local thai market for under four dollars, and the co-op a mere few blocks away was charging eleven dollars for a bottle half its size. Co-ops are great for quality, local, produce, but if you're buying something that's packaged and shipped from somewhere outside of your neighborhood, I suggest you look elsewhere.

At the Japhies' show in Mpls.
Anyway, now that I've significantly improved my asian-inspired culinary prowess, I've rewarded myself with a new bentoo box ordered from Japan. I'm hoping it arrives soon so I can start carrying my lunches to work in style. I am also looking forward to having the opportunity to spend more time on this blog over the summer before the move to Texas. My friends and I have quite a few fun activities planned before I leave, including a potential trip to Germany, so I should have plenty of photographs to share, and more fun projects coming up. I shall keep you informed.

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