Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Tis the Season

The busiest shopping season of the year is upon us, but it doesn't have to include headaches, and overdraft fees! A friend of mine has offered up a challenge this year: instead of taking shopping centers and chain stores by storm, why not hit up your local thrift store for creative gifts? The holidays are a perfect time to express your inventive side, and a gift from the heart is always appreciated. 
Holiday festivity with friends.
Maybe you're a knitting savant, or perhaps you've got a technologically-inept digital immigrant in the family that would appreciate a new stationary. Hit up your local craft store for rubber stamps (or create your own), and some fancy paper. There are a plethora of great steals at the thrift store if you're willing to dig. I've found clothing from Urban Outfitters, Free People, etc., along with full sets of name-brand dishware, fondu kits, kitschy artwork, antiques, funny mugs, etc. Use your imagination, and sign up for the "anti-consumerism" challenge at Things I Found (at the thrift store). The holidays should be about cookies, and carols, not keeping up with the Joneses.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forest Frolics

Hello, friends! It's been quite some time since my last post- forgive me! This semester has presented me with a particularly heavy workload, and the time for finals draws near, but I thought I would take a moment to share with you the beautiful handiwork of a dear friend of mine, who hails from Portland! The products of Pine Martin, the brain child of Miss Gaudet, are crafted using a myriad of natural elements (wood, leaves, etc.), as well as handmade papers, and various other kitschy treasures. I recently purchased a  necklace from her 'kraphtwurk' line, and it makes for a gorgeous accent piece (I'll snap a photo of myself sporting my purchased baubles when I have more time)! This little Etsy shop is fresh from the cerebral womb, so I advise you check back frequently for new merchandise. I'm off to blend up an avocado, honey, and banana smoothie. Apparently, my odd cravings refuse to mesh with the seasons. Ah, well!