Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn's Wares.

   It's late afternoon here in St. Paul, and what a gorgeous afternoon it is! Today I thought I would just share a few photographs of this morning's venture to the St. Paul Farmer's market. My grandmother came to visit for the weekend, and I thought to myself "Self, what better way to introduce dear grams to your old stomping grounds than to show her one of the Twin Cities' greatest attributes?" It turned out to be a bit chipper early on, but we managed to stay warm wrapped in sweaters, with hot coffee and cider in our mugs.

Gorgeous bird-houses carved from gourds.

Wolf Honey Farms: The greatest honey in the Twin Cities.

Kale bouquets. I couldn't resist them.

I am now fully stocked in regards to honey, and I also scooped a gorgeous flower arrangement accented with kale, along with a bushel of honeycrisp (or as I like to call them honey "crack"- because they're addictive) apples.

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