Sunday, September 19, 2010

Early-Morning Buzz

Good morning, bloggers! It's been a while since I've updated this puppy, and now that I'm a few weeks into a new semester I imagine I'll probably do a pretty poor job in regards to upkeep. I haven't had much time to get thrifty this summer, but I did run across a few goodies, and I'll post a couple of them:
   As many of my close friends are already aware, I'm a huge fan of the button-down/cardigan combo, and am always on the lookout for the perfect, white, collared number. I finally ran across one at my local Savers, and I am smitten! I can pair it with just about anything, and it looks pretty sharp. The cardigan is also a thrift-store find from Arc's Value Village; the first, and probably the only, thing I'll ever like from The Gap.
   The gold bangles on my arm were a gift from the "Giving Tree" at Harvest Fest (perhaps I'll write about that experience at a later date). I also happened upon an adorable cream sweater from Urban Outfitters for under eight dollars, and with the Minnesota chill upon us, it's well-proved its worth. I tend to get pretty lucky when it comes to vintage, and higher-end discoveries, but I'd like to take at least some of the credit for my willingness to dig, and a sharp eye.
   It never fails that I find a knick-knack, or two, when rummaging, but I've tried to refrain from coming home with anything that I don't actually need (God forbid I end up on an episode of "Hoarders"). My mug cabinet is chock-full of treasures, and space is tight, but I had to make room for two new additions that I couldn't bear to pass over. I happened upon a set of two 1976 Fire King glass McDonald's mugs. I know very little about the process used in crafting them at the time, but a friend of mine at Things I Found explained it to me, and much to his dismay, passed over these relics, leaving me the opportunity to snatch them. I personally am not a McDonald's patron, but these mugs play catalyst to feelings of nostalgia; they remind me of early-morning McD's coffee runs with my grandmother- long before my interest in food knowledge, and my repulsion to inhumanely, and cheaply- produced meals. Aside from those adorable little numbers, I've been very good about purging myself of excess rubbish as opposed to piling it up. I'm planning a move to smaller quarters next month, so be sure to look for my "junk" at your nearby thrift store.


  1. Aren't they neat?! I just can't pass up a "find" like that.