Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Channel News", and cheap grub.

Afternoon, kittens! Well it is safe to say that the evening of the premier went swimmingly. I found an adorable floral print dress (no surprise there), shoes, and jewelry in the nick of time, and all for under forty dollars! The first two films (titled "Scissu", and "The Vern") were interesting to say the least, and reminded me a little too much of movies I had already seen ("Requiem for a Dream", and "The Big Lebowski", respectively). The third and fourth I enjoyed very much- "Channel News" especially, but of course I'm a little biased. I grabbed a copy courtesy of the director/producer at the after-party (the lovely lady who's cheek I am kissing plays a starring role, and happens to be my partner-in crime). I had the opportunity to speak with some of the actors, and drink on someone else's dollar (who doesn't love that). I did end up annihilating my toe later on in the evening, but luckily a patrol car happened by, and performed first-aid on my wounded digit.
   The following morning I took a trip up to the St. Paul Farmers Market, and returned with a plethora of goodies: bean sprouts, local wildflower honey, fresh rosemary olive oil loaf, kohlrahbi, rhubarb, etc. I plan to get down and dirty with the rhubarb, and whip up some jam sometime in the very near future. I look forward to the farmers market more than anything; the produce is so fresh (and inexpensive), and I know that everything is grown/harvested sustainably, and free of chemicals. I'm not militant when it comes to eating well, but I like to make sure that the majority of my diet is free of "extras". I can never manage to leave the market without snagging a bagel piled with fresh veggies from the participating stands. I have yet to find a late-morning meal more satisfying.

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