Saturday, November 14, 2009

Recent Finds.

    I am particularly excited about my most recent find at my local Savers. I ran across this beauty while perusing the aisles one Thursday morning before class. It is a 1940s-50s PayMaster in excellent condition; it's that fabulous green hue that was so popular during that era, and I am enthralled. I actually let out a small squeak upon finding it. I paid seven dollars for this beauty, and after doing a bit of research found out that it could sell for roughly two hundred dollars or more. I have yet to decide whether I am ready to part with it, but that sum is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Aside from that I found a couple of very nice sweaters from Fossil, Free People, etc. for about six to eight dollars each.

    I also got extremely lucky whilst running through the "free" section of Craig's List. A girl in Minneapolis was giving away her ex's collection of old Playboys, and some of them are ancient. I'm definitely considering selling those puppies to a local antique store to score a little extra cash. I've been turning to Craig's List more often lately for easy ways to supplement my income. I'm surprised at how often people are willing to dump boxes full of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I love to take advantage of this sort of "generosity" because Half-Price Books will purchase anything other than yesterday's paper, and a sizeable stack of books equates to about a half a tank of gas, so it's well worth it to make the effort.

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